Vice - Chairperson's Desk

Vice - Chairperson's Desk



My hearty greetings to all of you and am pleased to welcome you all to the Krupanidhi family! Krupanidhi College was founded in 1985, and has since been tirelessly working towards innovating newer teaching methods for students in order to keep up with the dynamics and the demands of the ever evolving industry. Our great assets in our 30–year journey have been the hardworking students and the efficient faculty, the synergy of whose efforts have catapulted Krupanidhi as well as their own success to greater heights.

The methods of education are evolving by leaps and bounds, and technology is becoming a huge part of the teaching industry. As much as technology has seeped into our lives, the 'human factor' that is involved, which is the teachers, is largely responsible for shaping a student's understanding and personality, as well as his or her success. The faculty at Krupanidhi follow the Gurukul system of teaching and make an effort to reach out to every student, especially the average ones. They take special care to enhance the students' understanding, thus making sure that everybody keeps pace with lessons. The encouragement, care and respect that the teachers give the students is a huge motivating factor, and it has been proven to better the students' efforts too. We at Krupanidhi strongly believe that teaching is a profession that makes all other professions possible, and give proper training to our faculty so that they are able to bring out the best in the students. For the sustainability of education as well as for the stemming of creative ideas for teaching, the 'human factor' is important, and the 'gurus' in our country are considered sacrosanct for this very reason.

The faculty at Krupanidhi have, thus, worked hard not only towards teaching students effectively but also in developing a bond of trust and respect with the students. Students have always been treated more as friends rather than soldiers, so that the congenial atmosphere brings out their talents best. This aspect combined with the tradition of discipline has been responsible for making the students at Krupanidhi not just excel in their exams but also shine and prosper in their professional as well as personal lives too.

Wishing you all the best!

Mrs. Geetha Nagpal