Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal message

Dr. Devi Samuel ,
KRUPANIDHI College of Nursing

Dear Students,

The Treasure Trove of Grace ‘Krupanidhi’ Trust is the brain-child of our great visionary Dr. Prof. Suresh Nagpal that found the light of its day in 1998.   Dr. Suresh Nagpal has stood at the helm, nurturing and steering the rudder and navigating the institution towards excellence & expansion through every stage of its growth during the past 22 years of its existence.  

Krupanidhi College of Nursing sprawls over the luscious green expanse of its 11-acre campus, emitting enthusiasm for all inmates to live together in cheer, charm & comfort while imparting the wealth of knowledge to serve the needy world of tomorrow.  Armed with State-of-the Art Technology leveling up with international standards of living, the college fosters multi-cultural exchange that breaks down barriers and hoists the perspectives of mindsets to face the devastating challenges & exciting wonders of the future.  

The college offers Diploma, Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses in Medical Surgical Nursing, Obstetric Nursing and Pediatric Nursing.  Its team of experienced Faculty is soundly & solidly committed to equipping their students to meet the industry demands in a shifted dimension of terribly shocking surprise situations the planet was transported to during the shaking months of 2020-21.  Our students are given hands-on clinical training at well reputed hospitals in Bangalore and the opportunity to work in these hospitals after their student period, based on their performance. Thus they are prepared extensively for attaining professional etiquette, and precise & prompt service compelled to combat the ever new micro-organisms expected to invade the stratosphere in the coming era.  At the same time teachers assume a guardian role that caters to the personality development of their students through extra-curricular activities, competitions & festivities that transform them into multi-colored flowers exuding fragrance, light & love dynamism to drive away doom & gloom.


Krupanidhi College of Nursing is recognized by the "Government of Karnataka", approved by the Karnataka Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. WCRC honoring the college at the glittering ceremony of WCRC Leaders Asian Education Excellence Summit and Awards as “Asia’s Fastest Growing Private Educational Institute” is the testimony of the tried & tested Strengths the institution possesses.

Florence Nightingale established the Nightingale Nursing School as the first ever nursing entity in 1860.  Since then it has spread all over the world and technology has been stepping in, taking it through several wheels of change so that ‘Traditional Nursing’ has transitioned to ‘Hi-tech Nursing’.   COVID 19 has ushered our planet into an era of forced change.  Nurses have to juggle with their “HEART”, “HEAD” and “HAND” to match the Hi-tech applications with the noble professional values of “love”, “care” and “selfless service”.

I welcome you to join the spirit of 'Krupanidhi' family for pursuing a journey of exploration to discover new shores of skill & thrill so that together, we can host humanity to cosmic echelons of health, immunity & immortality, awaiting pioneers at higher horizons.

Dr. Devi Samuel


Krupanidhi College of Nursing