To make the teaching learning process interesting different interactive methods of teaching are carried out such as group discussions, case presentations, lectures etc.

Krupanidhi Group of Institutions have a counselling centre which is open during college hours to assist our students. The Counselling Centre is an integral part of the college and the students, the teachers and the parents can walk in to discuss how best to deal with the issues in hand. Each session is confidential and is not disclosed to anyone else.

The nursing students are given soft skill training in collaboration with the finishing school of Krupanidhi. The training helps the students to work on their communication and leadership skills.

On 21st February 2019, soft skill training was conducted for second year B.Sc. nursing students by Mrs. Ruchi Pandya. The topic for training was on Communication Skills with new innovative ideas on improving the skills. The training commenced with various steps in communication and ended with assignments and activities for students.

The holistic development of the students are further polished through the Finishing School. An unique strategy using a potpourri of all the elements of intelligence and the emotional quotient is further strengthened so that they are constantly challenged through communication and personality development, etiquette, image building, aptitude, industry readiness skills and corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, the physical aspect of well-being is encouraged through their active participation in sports, thereby resulting in a brilliant mind inside a fit body.