Executive Director's Desk

Executive Director's Desk

Nursing director neha


Education has been the wellspring of each and every human endeavour and it is one of the biggest driving forces for change, growth and transformation in the world today. Through the corridors of human experience, the eternal quest for wisdom has been responsible for the birth of some great minds in our history. We at the Krupanidhi Group focus on shaping the personality and the minds of the students so that they achieve greatness in their personal and professional lives too. Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We are aiming to do the same through our dedicated team of academicians and diligent and hard–working students. Our focus point is to mentor the students to achieve a sense of direction and guide them towards using the best of their abilities. We strive to bring out innovation in our teaching methods and put across ideas, theories and challenges in as many different ways as possible, thus training the students to keep pace with the evolving times. We are well aware of the fact that the environment today is more competitive than ever before. Our efforts go beyond the realm of classroom lectures and focus on practical experiences too. Keeping this in mind, we at Krupanidhi train the students to face the challenges beyond the walls of the campus.

The future of teaching and learning is changing rapidly, mostly due to the advent of technology. We at Krupanidhi are striving to bring about educational reforms every academic year by bringing in qualified teaching talent, doing a major overhaul of infrastructure, facilities and resources, maintaining the good student–teacher ratio in our classrooms, designing curriculum keeping the requirements of the industry in mind and creating flexible, adaptable and relevant educational options for the students. Our focus for the future will be to make education not only interesting but also sought after not just for the sake of attaining a degree, but because of its sustaining nature.

India is all set to surpass China as the world's largest population, if India's demographic trends are to be observed. The country not only has an increased average annual GDP growth of 8% over the last 10 years, but will also see a higher demand for education from the middle class which would have swollen to well over 500 million. The country's higher education system, once destined only for the elite, will be designed for everyone. Thus, innovation and change and understanding their drivers are essential, which is what we are attempting to do. We at Krupanidhi welcome the students to experience the change, progress and innovation on the campus and join the transformation as we take giant leaps into the future.

Wishing you the very best & warm regards

Ms. Neha Nagpal
Executive Director